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ACR Float-On Light

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ACR Float-On Light

Model: 2983
  • Waterproof
  • Buoyant
  • Water activated strobe
  • LED Flashlight
  • Battery life indicator
  • Fast charge
  • USB Rechargeable

The ACR Float-On is a buoyant water activated strobe and LED flashlight. The strobe automatically activates in water when its integrated water sensors detect six seconds of water connection. The separated and sunken water connection terminals ensure the device only automatically activates when fully submerged in water. The high-power LED strobe, visible up to 3 nautical miles away, flashes once every second for up to 20 hours and acts as an exceptional safety aid for both novice and experienced boaters.

Featuring a robust yet compact and convenient design, the ACR Float-On includes a feature button that is easily located in the dark. The LED light is effective as a flashlight used to see objects in the distance whilst also emitting side light to ensure complete all-round visibility when acting as a position indicating light or strobe. The ACR Float-On can be easily stowed on any existing safety gear or in a lifejacket pocket.

The ACR Float-On is a must have addition to your safety toolkit. It provides a simple and cost effective safety solution for family, friends, and even pets.

Size 3.26" (H) x 1.30" (D) / 83mm (H) x 33mm (D)
Weight 1.5 Ounces (0.04 kg)
Color ACR-Treuse
Operation Manual Activation or Automatic activation via contact with water
Light Output (Lumens) 120 (high power — maximum Lumens), 60 (medium power), 10 (low power)
Runtime (hours) 1.5 (high power), 4 (medium power), 12 (low power), 20 (strobe), 1440 (standby with water activation mode active)
Charge Time (hours) 1.5 hours (from a 500mA power source)
Battery (rechargeable) 700mAh Lithium-Ion
Battery Life Indicator Flashing LED Indicator
Accessories (included) USB Charging Cable and Lanyard with clip
Buoyant Yes
Waterproof Yes (IP67)