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Bennett 30X12 Trim Tabs No Control

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Bennett 30x12 Hydraulic trim Tab System 12v- No Control

Model: 3012
  • Get on plane fast, and stay on plane at intermediate speeds
  • Correct listing and uneven loads
  • Improve visibility and safety
  • Reduce pounding and eliminate porpoising
  • Low maintenance, long-term value, and ease of service
  • Exclusive transom mount interlocking tab design

Balance loads, plane faster, increase efficiency and performance. Hydraulic trim tabs are known for power, precision, and durability and Bennett’s standard hydraulic (classic) trim tab systems are available with multiple control options and in a vast variety of sizes.

Hydraulic Power Unit current draw 20 Amp MAX draw for 12v.

What's in the Box:
  • (2) Trim plane assemblies
  • (2) Hydraulic actuators (A1101A)
  • (1) Hydraulic power unit (V351HPU1)
  • Hydraulic tubing and hardware
  • Wire Harness