BEP 701MD Mini Battery Switch 275 Amp Continuous Motorized

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Due to the increased load requirements and large increases in the cost of copper battery cable, the MD range of battery switches allows you to install the battery switch very close to the battery, reducing cable lengths to starter motor. They are also ideal for remote isolation of bow thrusters.

  • Remote operation.
  • Battery switch can be mounted alongside battery, reducing cable lengths and cable sizes to starter motor. (Large cost saving in copper cables)
  • Reduced installation labour, due to shorter battery cable runs.
  • Manual override option to meet CE requirements.
  • Power Draw: Switch off: 12mA. Switch on: 15 mA, switch operating 120 mA for 3 seconds @ 12 v nominal.
  • LED status identification for remote control switch.
  • Same capacities/specifications and mounting options as
  • standard BEP battery switches.
  • Uses same interchangable labeling system as BEP battery switches.
High-Current Remote Operated Battery Switches.
All recessed or surface mount, tin-plated copper studs & nuts, ignition-protected
Part No. Inches L x W x H
Rating (Amps DC)
Voltage V(DC)
Function Stud Size Studs x (mm/in)
Intermittent Cranking
701-MD 2.7 x 2.7 x 4 275 455 1250 9.5-32 On / Off 2 x (10 / 3/8)
720-MD 4 x 4 x 4.33 500 700 2500 9.5-32 On / Off 2 x (12 / 1/2)