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C-MAP M-NA-D033 4D microSD Atlantic Coast, Gulf of Mexico Caribbean

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C-MAP M-NA-D033 4D microSD

Atlantic Coast, Gulf of Mexico Caribbean

Model: M-NA-D033-MS
  • Provides a wealth of chart detail with the versatility to customize data layers and how they are viewed
  • Traditional "paper chart" look with unique ability to access information on buoys, lights and other details
  • Stunning three-dimensional views of land elevation and bottom contours bring the world around (and under) your boat
  • High-resolution satellite imagery provides real-world reference, enhances situational awareness for coastal navigation
  • The highest available detail of underwater pinnacles, ledges and canyons that are magnets for offshore and coastal gamefish.
  • Provides angling intelligence for wrecks and reefs, Fish ID photos, fishing tips, updated regulations, state records and more.
  • Automatically plots the shortest, safest route based on detailed chart data and user vessel information
  • interactive on-screen tide graphs and current arrow.
  • Aerial pictures of harbor entrances, channels, and marinas.
  • Search and receive alerts for rocks, obstructions, shallows depths and other navigation hazards.
  • More than 140 languages can be displayed using native character sets.

C-MAP 4D MAX+ is the latest evolution of electronic charting technology, combining award-winning vector chart data with exclusive Dynamic Raster Charts and the ability to view charts in 2D or amazing 3D presentation with high-resolution satellite imagery. Packed with innovative features designed to enhance every cruising, fishing or sailing experience