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Digital Yacht NET Protect NMEA2000 Network Guard and IDS

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Digital Yacht Net Protect - Cyber Security System

  • World’s first NMEA 2000 Cyber Security Device
  • Tests & validates the NMEA 2000 network during installation
  • Allows configuration of other NMEA 2000 devices
  • View and analyse the NMEA 2000 network with device and PGN displays plus raw data logging
  • 24/7 monitoring of the NMEA 2000 network
  • Integrated WiFi antenna can create its own WiFi network or join vessel’s wireless network
  • Configuration and monitoring via built-in web interface
  • 92dB internal buzzer for alerts
  • Ability to generate SMS alert messages when used with a Digital Yacht 4GX or 5GX product for remote alerts
  • Self-contained, bus powered, unobtrusive IP54 rated black box
  • Future proof design, with easy to update firmware via web interface to keep unit aligned with current threats

With more technically advanced, integrated and "connected" boats, security becomes a major concern. Recent high profile automotive hacks have highlighted security weaknesses in some CAN based systems.

The NMEA Organisation have responded to this threat by establishing a Cyber Security Working Group to identify and mitigate the risks of maritime attacks

NET Protect is the World’s first cyber security product, focused on NMEA 2000, to be developed as part of this NMEA initiative.

What's in the Box:
  • NET Protect With Integrated 0.8m Nmea 2000 Drop Cable
  • Instructions