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Mastervolt BI703 BI Series Battery Isolator 70 Amp 3 Battery

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Mastervolt BI 703 Battery Isolator

Model: 83007030
  • Battery isolators that divide your charge current with a minimum energy loss.
  • The Charge Mate for connecting and/or disconnecting two batteries.
  • Battery Watch for monitoring the condition of your batteries (also usable as main switch).

Onboard systems usually consist of two or more batteries that function independently when powering the 12 or 24 V consumers. These batteries require independent charging with reliable battery isolators or battery combiners.

Mastervolt’s BI battery isolators are based on conventional diode technology. The diode voltage drop (ca. 0.6 V) can be compensated for by adapting the output voltage of the connected charger or alternator. Mastervolt Mass battery chargers and Alpha Pro charge regulators are standardly equipped with automatic voltage drop compensation.

The Mastervolt BI battery isolators are compact and fully solid state, preventing wear. The weight varies from 580 to 1300 grams.

Completely corrosion-proof material with aluminium heat sinks. The electronic components are encased in synthetic materials, the BI models have molded diode splitters.

The synthetic end plates feature connection lugs, the solid bolt connections with nuts and locking rings ensure easy installation.

General specifications
Number of battery outlets 3
Dimensions, hxwxd 8.1 x 5.5 x 3.1 inch
Weight 2.4
Technical specifications
Max. output battery charger 50 A
Max. output alternator 70 A
Compensation diode No