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Seaview SRM200W Mount White For Starlink Gen 3 Antenna

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Seaview SRM200W for the Gen 3 Standard Starlink Antenna (sometimes Gen 4 / Standard)

Model: SRM200W
  • Designed to fit the Starlink Flat High Performance Antenna.
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes allow the hardware to fasten directly to the wedge.
  • Drilled and tapped for the CG30PW cable seal that comes with each Seaview wedge base.
  • No need to cut the Starlink connectors for installation.

The Seaview SRM200W Mount for the Gen 3 Standard Starlink Antenna (sometimes Gen 4 / Standard) that has been specifically designed for the harsh marine environment. If its good for the marine environment then its ideal for any other outdoor application (RVs, overland vehicle, vans, jeeps, side by side, UTV, trucks, etc.). The base aluminum plate has a 3 part polyurethane prime and powder coat and the end pieces are made using machined marine-grade high-density polyethylene to ensure the best possible finish and corrosion resistance.

The Gen 3 Standard Starlink Antenna (sometimes Gen 4 / Standard) now features a convenient pressure-fit kickstand for placement on flat non-mobile surfaces. However, for marine or vehicle mounting, it necessitates additional support. Opting for the Seaview SRM200W mount is a superior choice, offering a reliable and adaptable mounting solution.

You have the option to utilize through-bolts for a permanent fixture through machined holes in the mount's base or pair it with the Seaview 8° wedge base for a highly versatile installation.

What's in the Box:
  • SRM200W Mount
  • CG30PW (white) cable seal