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Seaview SVSLWBBKLED Wedge Base For Starlink - Black with Light Bar and 3nm LED

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Seaview SVSLWBBKLED Angled Wedge base and LED Light for Starlink - Black

  • Designed to fit the Starlink Flat High Performance Antenna.
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes allow the hardware to fasten directly to the wedge.
  • Drilled and tapped for the CG30PW (white) or CG30PB (black) cable seal that comes with each Seaview wedge base.
  • No need to cut the Starlink connectors for installation.

This Seaview wedge base kit caters to installations with restricted space, where additional height isn't required, yet an LED navigation light remains essential.

This kit comes with all the Seaview parts necessary to install the Starlink Flat High Performance antenna on the 8° wedgebase, along with the 3NM LED combination mast head allround light. The LED light is IP67 watertight with 7' of wire (12v) and USCG approved for boats up to 20 meters (65.6') in length.

The aluminum light bar and 8° wedge base for the Starlink Flat High Performance antenna have been specifically designed for the marine environment (3 part polyurethane prime and powder coat to ensure the best possible finish and corrosion resistance).

What's in the Box:
  • Wedge Mount - Black
  • Lichtbar - Black
  • LED 3nm Combo Mast head light
  • CG30PB (black) cable seal