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Sitex MDS-15 20" 4kW Dome WiFi Radar Dome

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Si-Tex MDS-15 Wi-Fi Radar

Model: MDS15 WIFI
  • High Performance Digital Signal Processing
  • Compatible with All SI-TEX NavPro Units
  • Multi-Speed Antenna
  • 4kW High Power Output
  • Ranges from 1/8th of a mile to 36 miles
  • Compact Light Weight 20"Radome
  • WIFI Connectivity
  • 2 Year Warranty
Radiator Slotted waveguide array
radiator Length 46 cm
Horizontal beamwidth
Verticla beamwidth 2.5°
Antenna rotation speed 24/36rpm range dependent
Wind resistance relative wind speed 100 knots
Tranceiver module
Peak output 4kW nominal
Warm up time 1:30 minutes
Tuning Automatic and Manual
Power Supply Unit 10.5 - 40 vDC built-inb power supply