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Talos SFD--1414P-MTB Standard Lightning Detector With 14x14 Sign

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Talos SFD--1414P-MTB Standard Lightning Detector With 14"x14" Sign

Model: 1381
  • Durable PVC material stands up to UV fading
  • Square dimensions: 14? x 14?
  • Instant alerts every time lightning is detected
  • Detects lightning up to 25 mile range
  • Waterproof
  • The BRIGHTEST visual alerts: 3 colors to indicate distance of approaching or departing storms: Green: 25 miles, Blue: 16 miles, Red: 6 miles
  • The LOUDEST audible alerts: 1 Beep for Green: 25 miles, 2 Beeps for Blue: 16 miles, 3 Beeps for Red: 6 miles
  • Visual description of color LEDs
  • Same technology as used in weather stations
  • Battery operated

The 14? x 14? TALOS Safety Sign Kit informs guests of dangerous lightning in the surrounding area with easy to read details. When the attached device starts flashing from one color to the next, guests can be made aware in real time that lightning is close enough to strike their location.

Perfect for public areas such as restaurants with outdoor seating, in community parks and playgrounds, areas suited for large event gatherings, outdoor tiki huts, & more. The battery operated detector is a quick and easy set up; just install 4 AA batteries and it’s ready to go!

When lightning is first detected (up to 25 miles), the detector will flash all 8 LEDs for 5 minutes. To save battery life, after 5 minutes of lightning detection, the detector switches to blinking every other LED for the remaining time that lightning is detected (red, blue, or green depending on distance of lightning).